Fish Info

San Jose del Cabo – Fish Info

Blue Marlin: The largest billfish trophy. It is not uncommon to see this huge fish (up to 1800 lbs.) heave itself skyward in a seemingly inexhaustible display of strength. At GRAY, we capture forever this awesome fighting power in your trophy.

Striped Marlin: This marlin family member is named due to its glowing vertical bands. Perhaps the most colorful of the billfish family, found only in Pacific waters,the Striped Marlin provides a memorable battle with much aerial display.

Sailfish: This beautiful billfish has the largest dorsal fin, resembling a sail. This fish is noted for its fighting ability and often spends as much of the battle in the air as in the water. At GRAY, artists recapture the colorful blues and purples that you see as this ballerina of the sea dances across the ocean.

Spearfish: Both the longnose Spear fish of the Atlantic Ocean and the shortnose Spearfish of the Pacific Ocean are rare to encounter. The shortnose are more ommon in Hawaii than anywhere else. The dorsal of the Spearfish is the brightest of all the billfish.

Rooster Fish Aptly: Name, this game fish has streamers on its dorsal that look much like the comb on a rooster’s head. The Rooster Fish is a very hard fighting trophy and combined with its beautiful coloration and dark black stripes is easily identified.

Dolphin: (Mahi Mahi) (Dorado): Found in warm waters worldwide, the Dolphin is among the most colorful of the gamefish. It’s hard fighting and gold-green and blue colors makes his fish most popular. At Gray we accentuate the difference between a cow or bull. The male has a very distinctive blunt head.

Wahoo (Ono): Is a gamefish known for its long hard runs at speeds up to 45 mph. Because of the limited number of wahoo caught, it is truly a trophy fish. This trophy is also noted for its beautiful vertical stripes.

Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi): This member of the tuna family, although not the largest, is among the world’s hardest running fish. A long battle can be expected from this freight train. Gray tuna mounts display the long orange-yellow steamers and yellow finlets that make this trophy so beautiful.